Laila Ahsan

Internet and privacy

Internet and modern computing is designed in way that we get information then ever before.Every page,every website ,every network and every service on world wide web is made to retain trace of our data. Our modern smart phone can locate our physical locations,on one click you discover each and every part of world,On one click you can do shopping and make bank transaction and our email on the other hand can detect the IP address of our internet connection and read information about our browsers. Whenever we use Facebook,YouTube,Instagram,Twitt-er or any other kind of social media it can be watched upon ,stolen or even destroyed without our permsiison.

Behind as a ordinary users of internet there are a vast virtual world of good and bad guys. There are guys who use internet in unethical way to make quick money, through hacking,data theft,selling fake products ,services and Many people spread terror ,hate and intensify crimes.

But there in internet world, has a policemen ,intelligence agencies and data monitoring institutions that use internet to watch over ,regulate and control hackers.

To understand how our internet privacy is being implemented we need to understand concept of metadata ,The data that is automatically evolved when we use internet .

Meta-Data _ The Data about Data

Meta data is produced when we start using internet.It starts when we connect to the internet and tells our Internet service provider (ISP) about our connection status ,connection time and connection location.

When we visit a website for example google ,Firefox or any other ,we. Provide another string of data.The Google connection and authentication servers first register our IP and related information about our device ,its operating system ,and our location.All of the searches we made on a particular session on Google will then stored data in a traceable ,retrievable file.

But google does not create or take our information without our permission but there has privacy policies made by Google and most of us dont not know how and where our meta data and our internet session is created and stored by our ISP and Google.It is meta- data that gets service providers ,websites and applications on the internet make money and earn profits so we must concern about meta -data. Don’t click “Agree” before read privacy terms and condition.

Way of control of internet privacy

The simpest way to protect from watched on internet is to keep our Internet connected and regulated. Hide our online self by exercising top privacy settings and avoid to loitering around website that are promote hacker.

We must control social network. Profiles with privacy settings .

We Don’t give Emil addresses to untrusted websites.We must make a disposable email service.

We must control privacy setting of our website We must use our browser an ‘Incognito Mode’ which allows us to browse the internet without websites ever knowing browsing habits.

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