5 Uses of Computer in School

Computers are widespread used in schools today. Here are some of the popular uses of computer in school.

Education today has brought a revolutionary turn, computers are increasingly used in many learning institutions today, due to the many incredible benefits, they bring. Even though they are widespread ly acknowledged to be expensive, they have increased access to information resources, interaction, and personalized access to learning. Therefore, this article outlines 5 of the uses of computers in school today.

  • Virtual Classrooms

One of the prime uses of computers in our school is in the creating of virtual and interactive classrooms. With computers, teachers can establish courses for students and either offer lessons in real-time or give them access to lessons which they can download and view at a later time. Teachers can also build personalized courses for students who need extra attention to learn at the pace of their learning abilities.

  • You can use a computer for the creation of digital resources

Teachers can use computers in schools to create e-books, audiobooks and videos for their students. They can update these wonderful e-materials at any time without the need for substantial funds. In addition, they can also update these learning materials easily without a lot of work or time.

  • Using apps for enhancing knowledge

There are many applications today which can be used to improve the productivity of youngsters. Some of these applications can be used to polish their Essays and build outstanding writing materials. In expansion, they can access applications that can assist them to plan their personal reading time and keep track of assignments.

  • Educational Video games

A lot of us believe that the world video game is explained only to applications strictly for pleasure. This is false information. There are many more educational video games which can, for example, help your child with spellings, it helps them become better at mathematics or even learn more about the world in general. 

  • Access to Information

One of the uses of computer in school is the increased access to a vast span of information. students can either access this information from the digital libraries set up by our institutions or even from the larger World Wide Web. Most of the information you get via these platforms is always current. This will facilitate the students to stay forward all the time.

  One of the most popular uses of computer in school is its application in teaching students to develop necessary computer skills. Today, being a Computer literate is a prerequisite in the job market. Therefore by developing these skills in school, students can improve their abilities of acquiring better job chances.


A dishonesty will be paid

Written by Laila Ahsan
A girl lived with her mother in a small village.She wanted that her daughter to be good in studies and become something so she said to her daughter to work hard and her daughter replied yes mama but inside she said” oh! No ,mama is always said about studies which I dont like”.
After some days, suddenly girl fell ill and her mother didnot know what happen to her.Girl couldn’t see things clearly and got headache so her mother consulted doctor and after check up doctor said to her that “beta you used alot of Mobile and girl nodded her head with shame and said that yes I used alot of mobile I coudnot study at my room when I saw my mother I took book and pretended that I am reading.
Doctor smiled and said” dishonesty will be paid”

TIT for tat

Tit for Tat
Laila Ahsan
An old man lived in village.He had a son which had died in terrible accident.He had magnificent shop which he could not run by himself so he hired a man but a man had greedy motive and temptation.
He made a plot against an old man with his friend.He said his friend that come tomorrow at shop and robbed all things. I will meet you at your house .
At next day, every thing happend according to planning but when a man reached at the his friend house ,no one was there and house was as silent as graveyard. “a sudden thought” arose in his mind “A TIT For TAT”

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